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Next schedule for "Natasarvabhouma" begins

Next schedule for "Natasarvabhouma" begins

Vedant   ¦    Sep 13, 2018 07:29:43 PM (IST)

Next schedule for \"Natasarvabhouma\" begins-1Puneeth fans have been waiting for their star to release a movie in 2018. Unfortunately for them, it looks like they may have to wait till the end of the year, as the next schedule of his upcoming film will only begin from September 18. Puneeth is currently working on "Natasarvabhouma", which is being directed by Pavan Wadeyar.

For the next schedule of the film, the team will be heading to Kolkata. Anupama Parameshwaran, who is foraying into the Kannada film industry with "Natasarvabhouma", will be joining Puneeth for this 10-day schedule, during which important scenes will be shot.

In this film, Puneeth plays the role of a journalist, while Anupama plays the role of a young lawyer. The film also features Rachita Ram in the lead along with Chikkanna and Ravi Shankar in the cast. The film, made under Rockline Productions, still has to complete two songs. While one song will be shot here, the team is going abroad to shoot the second track.

Initially, the makers had planned to release the film during the Dasara period, however, because of the delays, they are hoping to release the film at least by year end.