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Mythria Gowda to be seen as a cop

Mythria Gowda to be seen as a cop

Vedant   ¦    May 16, 2018 10:21:49 AM (IST)

Mythria Gowda to be seen as a cop-1
Image Source: The Indian Express

Controversial actress Mythriya Gowda is coming back to the big screen with "Aaganthuka". The film, which has been produced and directed by Rajath Raghunath, is a comeback venture for Mythria Gowda, who is acting in a film after two years.

Touted to be a thriller, the film will portray Mythriya Gowda as a cop. She will not only be acting in the film but, will also render her voice to a song in the film. The venture is said to be based in a forest in Chikamangaluru and the team will start shooting there soon.

Mythria Gowda was in the news recently when she accused the former Chief Minister’s son of cheating her. The issue had got national coverage a few years agoas she had accused him of rape. However, the court ruled out the rape angle.