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'Mufti' opens to a great response

'Mufti' opens to a great response

Vedant   ¦    Dec 02, 2017 05:42:27 PM (IST)

\'Mufti\' opens to a great response-1 

"Mufti" was released on December 1 to a great response. The film, starring Srimuruli and Shivarajkumar, has "blockbuster" written all over. Released in more than 300 theatres, the film has been received well by the audience. The film pits Srimurali, playing an undercover cop, against Shivarajkumar, an underworld don.

The comedy track was unnecessary but, luckily there are only two songs in the film and no duets with Shanvi, which would have forced the film's pacing to slow down. Newbie director Narthan manages to keep the narrative tight and to the point.

The positive notes of the film are the dialogues, cinematography and background score. The film is getting excellent bookings everywhere. The combo of cousins, Srimuruli and Shivarajkumar, is looking more like a sure shot blockbuster.