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'Gini Helida Kathe' all set to entertain from this Friday

'Gini Helida Kathe' all set to entertain from this Friday

Vedant   ¦    Jan 09, 2019 12:40:41 PM (IST)

\'Gini Helida Kathe\' all set to entertain from this Friday-1

Bengaluru: With big releases from Tamil and Telugu film industries dominating the box office in Karnataka, many expected that no Kannada film will create any buzz. However, proving this wrong, a Kannada film has been making noise with its teaser and songs in social media.

Gini Helida Kathe is all set to release this Friday all over the state. The film, which revolves around the love story of a driver and teacher, stars Dev Rangabhumi in the lead role has been directed by Nagaraja Uppunda. The film marks the debut of Geethanjali as the female lead.

Dev has not only acted as the lead in this film but also has written story, screenplay and dialogues of the film, along with taking up the production responsibilities of the film. The songs of the film are doing well in the audio market. Hithan Hassan has composed the music for the film.

The film has 87 characters, out of which, 84 belong to the drama field. As Dev is from the theatre background, he chose actors from the same arena.
With the buzz around the film increasing with the release date nearing, we expect Gini Helida Kathe to open well at the box office.