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'Love Mocktail' to be 'Madarangi' Krishna's directorial debut

'Love Mocktail' to be 'Madarangi' Krishna's directorial debut

Vedant   ¦    Feb 06, 2019 04:53:58 PM (IST)

\'Love Mocktail\' to be \'Madarangi\' Krishna\'s directorial debut-1Krishna has been able to make a name for himself in films as well in serials. Having worked as assistant directors with Suri, he is now directing a film. Known for his debut film, 'Madarangi', he is now helming this project, which has been titled as 'Love Mocktail'.

Krishna is not only directing the film, but also acting in it. Milana and Amrutha has been roped in as heroines in the film. Shri of 'Crazy Minds' will be taking up the camerawork and editing. More than half of the shooting of the film is complete.

Krishna whose acting career has not been successful yet, is hoping 'Love Mocktail' to turn the tides for him.