Know more about 'Anukta' star Karthik Attavar

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Know more about 'Anukta' star Karthik Attavar

Know more about 'Anukta' star Karthik Attavar

Vedant   ¦    Feb 03, 2019 06:37:17 PM (IST)

Know more about \'Anukta\' star Karthik Attavar-1Karthik Attavar is a well known name in small screen, thanks to his lead role in popular Kannada serial 'Yashode'. Before making his debut on small screen, he was part of state award winning Tulu film 'Rickshaw Driver'.

Karthik had never planned to be an actor or a writer. However, destiny had other plans for him. Today he is making news as his film 'Anukta', which was released last Friday, has been critically acclaimed, and also received good response from the audience.

"I never imagined to see myself on big screen. I am a software engineer. I had finished my diploma in engineering and worked in a company in Mangaluru for more than three years. I ended up acting in a Tulu film 'Rickshaw Driver' and thus entered the tinsel town," said Karthik.

Karthik feels that everything has been a learning expertise. He feels that he has improved a lot in acting with different projects. He shifted his focus to small screen with 'Yashode'. The serial was a big hit and he became a household name all over Karnataka. After the TV serial ended on high note, Karthik decided to try his hands in films. The real struggle began here.

"I worked as technician in Kannada serial 'Shantham Paapam'. It was a very important learning phase. I learnt a lot and decided to write my own script. Along with Santhosh Kumar Konchady I worked on script of 'Anukta'. It was very difficult to convince the producer and we also did not get a director for the film. Luckily with help of a friend in Dubai, I got in touch with Aswath Samuel. He liked the script and agreed to direct the film. Harish Bangera is very close to Aswath Samuel and he agreed to produce the film and this way the film came up," Karthik said.

Karthik has also directed a short film. Titled as 'Anmol', the short film has been made in Hindi. Speaking about the film, Karthik said, "Initially I planned to make the short film in Kannada. However after hearing the subject, my friends recommended to make it in Hindi as the plot had a universal connect. Therefore I decided to make it in Hindi. It will be officially released soon."

When asked if he would like to concentrate on acting or technical career, he said, "I want to be part of both fields. It depends on the films and offers. If I am offered a role of technician in a film, I will do it. Same way, if I am offered the role of actor, I will be part of it. However script is the main decisive factor. Only if I like the script and concept, I will be part of the project. I want to learn many more aspects of film making."

Karthik Attvar also expressed his happiness with 'Anukta' getting good reviews. "Even though we did not get the desired theatres we wanted, we are happy with the response which we have got. Those who watched the film have given good response. A good word of mouth is the biggest promotional tool, which any film can have. The film is getting good response everywhere. We will soon be releasing the film in overseas as well," he said.