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Kiccha Sudeepa gets a whopping 8 crore as remuneration

Kiccha Sudeepa gets a whopping 8 crore as remuneration

Vedant   ¦    Dec 05, 2017 07:31:21 PM (IST)

Kiccha Sudeepa gets a whopping 8 crore as remuneration-1

Kiccha Sudeepa has been very consistent over the last few years. His last flop was "Kiccha Huccha", which was released back in 2010. He has not had a flop in the last seven years since, and all his films have been profitable.

This has made producers line up to get him in their movies. However, Sudeepa is very choosy regarding his producers. He is also known to work for lesser remuneration, so as to not burden the producer. Now, it looks like he will finally receive the remuneration, he deserves.

For "Kotigobba 3", Sudeepa has been paid Rs 8 crores, which makes him the highest paid actor in Sandalwood. Soorappa Babu, who is producing the film, has confirmed the news. The reason for Soorappa Babu paying Sudeepa so much, is the blockbuster success of "Kotigobba 2".

Soorappa Babu was in a financial mess during "Kotigobba 2". Sudeepa helped him out a lot during the filming and it became blockbuster upon release. Keeping all these factors in mind, Soorappa Babu decided to reward Kiccha Sueepa with a, never heard before, remuneration. Meanwhile, the film will go on the floor in second half of 2018.