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Kashinath is the winner in "Chowka"

Kashinath is the winner in "Chowka"

Feb 08, 2017 12:19:23 PM (IST)

The makers of Chowka kept the audience waiting with their claim that actor Kashinath will be a part of the film. But, it was a big surprise for the legendary actor's fans, who got a chance to see him in a full-fledged role in the film after a long time.

Kashinath's character appears in second half of the movie chowka and walks away with appreciations.

Normally known for his double meaning dialogues and jokes, in this film, Kashinath has broken his mould and has ventured do something different.

He assays the role of a teacher who gets falsely implicated in a case. His ability to perform emotional scenes has left everyone spellbound and many have opined that the role in Chowka is undoubtedly his best performance in his entire career.

The actor had taken a break from films, but has made a comeback with Ganesh starrer "Zoom" last year.