'Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari' review: A must-watch film

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'Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari' review: A must-watch film

'Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari' review: A must-watch film

Vedant   ¦    Nov 08, 2019 01:02:13 PM (IST)

\'Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari\' review: A must-watch film-1Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

"Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari" was released across the state on November 8. The film's trailer, which had been generating a lot of buzz due to its unique content, has been replicated in a wonderful manner in the film. The movie's script is the real hero of "Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari".

The story is about a poor young man who purchases a second-hand auto rickshaw. However, the twist is that this auto torments his passengers and the rickshaw is haunted. Krish, who has directed the film and written the script, seems like he maybe the next big director in Sandalwood.

He has done a great job in his debut film and surely has a bright future. Kirsh has handled the film in a great manner. The twists keep on coming and there is not even one moment which is dull. The film does not have a long run-time which works to its advantage.

Coming to acting, there are few characters in the film. Actor Balu Nagendra as an auto driver impresses and actress Sangeetha Bhat is back with a bang in this film.

The remaining cast and crew have also done a fine job. All in all, the film is a must-watch and audiences are bound to enjoy it.