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K Manju impresses Tamil actor Vishal

K Manju impresses Tamil actor Vishal

Vedant   ¦    Mar 12, 2018 10:38:18 AM (IST)

K Manju impresses Tamil actor Vishal-1

Popular Tamil actor and producer Vishal was in Bengaluru to attend a meeting at the Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce. He observed Manju during the meeting and decided that he could be a good actor. Vishal said he could see an actor in Manju and asked him to work in Tamil films as well.

K Manju was in the seventh heaven. Not many people know that K Manju always wanted to be an actor. But, due to family problems, he could not do so. However, he ended up becoming a producer. His son Shreyas will be making his debut as a hero soon.

Vishal and Manju were, till the time of the meeting, unacquainted. K Manju has acted in guest roles in many films. He was a producer for "Jigarthanda", which was released last year.