I guarantee audience will love 'Anukta': Karthik Attavar

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I guarantee audience will love 'Anukta': Karthik Attavar

I guarantee audience will love 'Anukta': Karthik Attavar

Vedant   ¦    Jan 28, 2019 12:57:02 PM (IST)

I guarantee audience will love \'Anukta\': Karthik Attavar-1Karthik Attavar is all the rage in Sandalwood at present. The youngster from Mangaluru is a popular face in Coastalwood as well as on the small screen. Now, he is all set to make his big screen debut in Sandalwood with 'Anukta'. Not only has he played the lead in the film, but has also written the story. In an exclusive chat with Newskarnataka.com, Karthik tells his experience of working on 'Anukta'. Here are some excerpts:

How did the story of 'Anukta' come about?

After my stint in television, I went on a long break. I wanted to enter the big screen and began to work towards this goal. I wanted a good story to be conveyed and a good team who could help me achieve my dreams. I used to watch a lot of films during this time and always feel that a film will only be a success, if it has a great concept. Story is the basic foundation for any film. I have never written for any film before, so I worked under "Yashode" serial director Vinod Dhandhale for a crime serial called "Shantham Paapam". I learnt so much about writing as well as the technical part during my stint there. Then, along with Santhosh Kumar Konchady, I began writing a script. We wanted to include the traditions of our hometown in the film thus, the Bhoota Kola came into the picture. This is how we came up with the script for "Anukta".

How difficult was it to get a director and producer since you are a newcomer?

I struggled for nearly two years to get a producer and director. We met many people during this time, but nothing worked out. I also started to work in small roles in TV serials, as I wanted to earn money for the project. I also could not sign up for full-time roles, as I would not be able to concentrate on the film. However, luck favoured me when one of my friends in Dubai asked me to contact Samuel Ashwath, who was also based in Dubai. He said that Samuel was also looking for a good story. I approached Samuel in Mangaluru and the rest fell in place. It was after he agreed to come on board that we got a producer for the film. Harish Bangera, who is a close friend of Samuel, agreed to produce the film after he told him that the film's script is very good. Samuel also made some changes to the screenplay which took the script to another level.

How did you get popular actors like Sampath Raj and Anu Prabhakar on board the film?

We were in the pre-production stage when we decided to cast as many newcomers as possible. However, there were two main characters in the film which needed experienced actors. One of the main characters, played by Sampath Raj, was expected to speak in Mangaluru's Kannada. We were not sure if he could speak in the language but we still approached him. When we narrated the script, he was impressed and agreed to come on board. He also agreed to work on speaking in the Mangaluru dialect and his dedication resulted in him in giving one of his best performances. We wanted to cast Anu Prabahkar for another pivotal role and she agreed to come on board after listening to the story. Similarly, Sangeetha Bhat also came on board the project. When we finally signed these actors, we realised that if a film has a good story then even popular actors will want to be a part of it, even if the film crew is new.

How did you end up playing the lead role in the film?

I was involved in the story from the very beginning. Whenever I narrated the film to my technicians and actors, I would act according to the scene. The team felt that I would be perfect to play the lead and that only I can do justice to the role. I feel lucky to be making my Kannada debut with this film. It was a jackpot moment for me.

"Anukta" is clashing with "Bazaar" on the release day. What do you have to say regarding this?

Our film is releasing on February 1. "Bazaar" is also releasing on the same day. It was initially scheduled to be released on Sankranthi, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was postponed to February 1 and so it will be clashing with our film. I am a huge fan of Suni and wish him all the best. I feel that there is room for the two films even though they are releasing on the same day. The genre of both the films are also different, so I do not think the clash will affect us. I hope the audience watches both the films and gives us their blessing.

Finally, what do you have to say about "Anukta" to the audience?

My team and I have worked really hard on the film. Right from the time the first page of the script was written till now, I have worked really hard. I want the audience to support us and I assure them that they will not be disappointed. The film has turned out really well so I request the people to watch the film along with their family and friends.

Anukta is releasing in theatres all across Karnataka on February 1.

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I guarantee audience will love 'Anukta': Karthik Attavar
I guarantee audience will love 'Anukta': Karthik Attavar
I guarantee audience will love 'Anukta': Karthik Attavar
I guarantee audience will love 'Anukta': Karthik Attavar