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Hindi dubbing rights of "Ayogya" sold

Hindi dubbing rights of "Ayogya" sold

Vedant   ¦    Aug 08, 2018 04:23:57 PM (IST)

Hindi dubbing rights of \"Ayogya\" sold-1Hindi dubbing rights have become a goldmine for Kannada films. A few years back, only a few films used to get dubbed. But, that is not the case anymore, with many films getting dubbed regularly. Films of Sudeep, Darshan and Yash are in great demand. Kannada films dubbed in Hindi are becoming more popular than Tamil films on YouTube and is only second to Telugu films.

Producers who were mainly dependent on satellite rights have now got another source of revenue through these Hindi dubbing rights. Sathish Ninasam starrer "Ayogya" has also got a good price for its Hindi dubbing rights. This is the highest amount any of Sathish's films has ever gotten, which has made the producer T R Chandrashekar very happy.

The film, which is directed by Mahesh Kumar, has music by Arjun Janya. Leading with Sathish, the film stars Rachitha Ram, Chikkanna, Rangayana Raghu and Ravishankar in pivotal roles. It is scheduled to release this month.