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Has Yash's "Raana" been dropped?

Has Yash's "Raana" been dropped?

Vedant   ¦    Mar 11, 2018 12:30:13 PM (IST)

Has Yash\'s \"Raana\" been dropped?-1

We all know that popular choreographer and director Harsha was supposed to direct Rocking Star Yash in a "Raana". The project was announced almost 18 months back. Yash was expected to play a cop in this film, which would be his career's first. But, the project got postponed as Yash was busy with his dream project "KGF".

Now according to sources, "Raana" has been dropped for now. The reason is that Yash is not happy with the script. The news of Yash joining hands with Harsha was met with mixed response from Yash's fans. Harsha is being criticized for making average films with big stars. Harsha's last film "Anjaniputra" also did not do as well as expected.

Therefore, Yash's fans felt that Yash must not work with Harsha at this stage of his career. But, Yash did not want to judge Harsha before reading the script. However, recently when he read the full script, Yash was not impressed and has asked Harsha to rework on it. It is very hard to impress Yash, as he is a perfectionist.

There has not been any news of the release date for "KGF" thought it looks like the film will release only in the second half of 2018.