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Ganesh and Duniya Vijay to star together

Ganesh and Duniya Vijay to star together

Vedant   ¦    Dec 07, 2017 12:31:45 PM (IST)

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Ganesh and Duniya Vijay's journey started together in Sandalwood and they share many similarities. Both of them started their acting career by playing small roles. They later made it big with blockbusters like "Mungaaru Male" and "Duniya", which were released within a span of two months. They later went on to become top stars in the Sandalwood industry.

Ganesh and Duniya Vijay have been close friends for many years and now, they will finally collaborate and star in a film. Their mutual friend, Preetham Gubbi, is set to direct a movie with the two friends.

The director is currently working with Duniya Vijay on "Johnny Johnny". Gubbi has already started working on the script. The film will go on the floor from July next year. The film will be made under either Golden Movies, a production house owned by Ganesh, or under a big banner.