Five reasons to watch 'Gini Helida Kathe'

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Five reasons to watch 'Gini Helida Kathe'

Five reasons to watch 'Gini Helida Kathe'

Vedant   ¦    Jan 10, 2019 11:51:10 AM (IST)

Five reasons to watch \'Gini Helida Kathe\'-1"Gini Helida Kathe" is all set to release tomorrow, January 11 all across Karnataka. Directed by Nagaraja Uppunda, the film is creating a lot of buzz in Sandalwood following the release of its teaser and music. Although, there are plenty of reasons to go and watch the Dev and Geethanjali starrer, here are five of them:

Dev Rangabhoomi: The first reason is lead actor Dev Rangabhoomi. Dev has not only played the lead but has also produced and written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film. Hailing from the theatre background, Dev has worked very hard to get the film on big screen, spending four years on the script alone. Handling so many responsibilities for one's debut film is not an easy task.

Theatre artists: Almost all of the Kannada film industry's big stars have come from the theatre background. Whether it is the legendary Dr. Rajkumar and Shankarnag or the current superstars Yash and Darshan, all of them learnt acting through thetare. "Gini Helida Kathe" has more than 80 actors from the theatre background as Dev was very particular about having theatre actors in the film. He felt that only theatre actors could do justice to the roles. He also wanted these artists to get noticed for their talents as the big screen is the best medium to fetch them recognition.

Classic Love Story: Films in recent years have been portraying love stories involving a physical relationship. However, in this film, no physical contact has been shown between the lead pair. There is a reason behind this, one which we will find out only after watching the film. There is also no vulgarity in the film and is suitable to be viewed by anyone- from a kid to an old person.

Music: Music is like an invitation card. If the music is good, people will come to watch the film in theatres. If this is a parameter to gauge the audience's response, then "Gini Helida Kathe" has won the first round as the music has been liked by the masses. Hithan Hassan has composed the film's music. Songs like "Lakshmi Baramma", "Ale Ale" and "Adeka Yeno" have been loved by one and all.

Technicians: Technicians are the backbone of any film. It is impossible to make a film without them. The cinematography and editing of the film have been done by Nagaraja Uppunda and Ravichandra Kumar. Direction and camera work has also been helmed by Nagaraja Uppunda, who has done a beautiful job of making the film technically rich.

All these factors make "Gini Helida Kathe" have resulted in making this a 'must-watch film'. "Gini Helida Kathe" hits screens on January 11 across the state.