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"Eradane Sala" is finally ready for release

"Eradane Sala" is finally ready for release

K S   ¦    Jan 24, 2017 03:38:47 PM (IST)

Guruprasad's "Eradane Sala", which was launched in January 2014 saw inordinate delay in its making. However, the trailer of the film was released couple of weeks ago and it has bagged outstanding response from the viewers on Youtube.

It seems like the honourous dialogues of Guruprasad have struck right chord with the trailer viewers.

\"Eradane Sala\" is finally ready for release-1Known for his comedy films, Guruprasad experimented with "Directors Special". The film failed and Guruprasad decided to direct his favourite genre. Said to be a love story, the film has Dhananjaya and Sangeetha Bhat in lead role.

The film has been produced by Yogesh Narayan. He had in the past produced Yash starrer " Modala Sala". The film is readying for release. However with many big films up for release in next few days, the release of this film has been kept a secret.