'Devaki' is based on real events: Director

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'Devaki' is based on real events: Director

'Devaki' is based on real events: Director

Vedant   ¦    Jun 30, 2019 10:39:50 AM (IST)

\'Devaki\' is based on real events: Director-1Young director Lohith H became a sensation overnight with Priyanka Upendra-starrer "Mummy - Save Me", a supernatural horror film. Two years later, the director is once again collaborating with Priyanka for his second outing, "Devaki".

The trailer for the film was released on June 27 and already has over 200,000 views.

"I had read an article about something that had happened in Kolkata. It was about a family losing their children. It caught my attention and became the base for 'Devaki'," Lohith said.

Since the incident took place in Kolkata, Lohith decided to set the film in the same city. "I set it in a different state only to bring out a different emotion. Also, it is said that every 10 minutes a child gets kidnapped in Delhi and Kolkata. I wanted to highlight this point," Lohith said.

"Devaki" is a thriller that features Nobin Paul’s music and H C Venu’s cinematography. Priyanka’s daughter, Aishwarya will be making her debut on the silver screen with this film.

The film has been produced by Akshay R.C and Ravish R.C and will hit theatres in July.

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