Darshan stops bodyguard from ‘manhandling’ fans

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Darshan stops bodyguard from ‘manhandling’ fans

Darshan stops bodyguard from ‘manhandling’ fans

SC L S   ¦    Feb 16, 2020 04:40:44 PM (IST)

Darshan stops bodyguard from ‘manhandling’ fans-1

Bengaluru: Sandalwood actor “Challenging Star” Darshan, who is known for his special concern not only towards nature and animals, but also for his fans has turned 43 on Sunday, February 16.

On his birthday, thousands of fans assemble outside his residence to wish him a very blissful birthday and Sunday was no different. At this point in time, his bodyguards and bouncers will be present to ensure that the crowd is kept under control and the line of fans move quickly.

But today, when his fans were shaking hands with him and giving him the birthday present, one of his bodyguards standing beside him was seen pushing the fans.

Enraged by this, Darshan hit the bodyguard on his head and warned him against manhandling the fans.

In a video, Darshan is seen telling the bouncer, “Fans come from far off places. It is not good to push them and manhandle them like this. They have come here to bless me. They have brought grains and pulses on my request. Don’t push them.”

It can be recalled that Darshan had earlier requested his fans not to get any birthday presents or cakes for him, rather get grains and pulses, which he could collect and give to orphanages and old age homes.

The video of Darshan hitting his bodyguard on his head had gone viral on the social media platform.