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Can "Mungaaru Male 2" recreate the magic of prequel?

Can "Mungaaru Male 2" recreate the magic of prequel?

Vedhanth   ¦    Sep 10, 2016 10:24:02 AM (IST)

It was one of the last releases in 2006. The film released with least expectations and was expected to join the list of flops which Sandalwood was expected to churn out every year. Upon release, the film met with good response from handful of critics who watched the film. They said the movie is watchable. Due to good word of mouth, the film could survive for the first three weeks, which can be called as the testing period of the film. If it had failed to survive the first three weeks, there was no way it would have gone to create records. From fourth week onwards, the film's shows were increased. The film became the talk of the town. It went on to create records and made the people associated with it big stars. I guess, you all would know about which film I am talking about. It's "Mungaaru Male".

Can \"Mungaaru Male 2\" recreate the magic of prequel?-1The Yograj Bhat directorial broke all the existing records in Sandalwood. The film made its lead pair Ganesh and Pooja Gandhi stars overnight. The film was such a huge hit that theatres which were known to screen non-Kannada films like Sanjay and Nataraj screened the film for record number of days. It became the first Indian film to run in a multiplex for a year. In a city like Udupi, where a film is considered as hit if it runs for four weeks, "Mungaaru Male" ran for 47 weeks. Such was the craze of the film.

So what was special about this film? Was it the technical aspects or the music or the dialogues or the epic unexpected climax? We cannot give a single reason for the success of the film. All factors played an important role in making this a landmark film. The industry got back its family audience due to this film. Currently, the industry is basking in success with different films doing well. The main reason for this can be attributed to "Mungaaru Male" team for getting back the audience.

Even after ten years of the release, the film is remembered by everyone. And today, the sequel of the film is being released. Except the producer and lead hero, all the cast and crew has been changed. Shashank, the man who is known for his class films is directing this film. Speaking about the film, Shashank said, “When I was offered the film, I was initially scared. I knew it was a big responsibility. I took a week's time and agreed to do the film. It has come out really well. The film has been made on a bigger canvas than the prequel. I am sure that audience will like this film."

The team has taken the right step from the moment it released the teaser. It has been promoted well. The songs of the film have got extraordinary response. Everything is going in its favour. But the big question in everybody's mind is whether the film will be able to meet the expectations of the audience?

Speaking about this, a trade analyst in Gandhinagar says, “It’s unfair to compare "Mungaaru Male 2" with the prequel. Expecting the film to earn in the range of prequel is unfair. This film will surely do well. The film has been sold to Gokul Films for Rs 10 crores. It will be considered as a hit, if it collects a share of more than Rs 10 crores. It is easily possible with a good word of mouth. The opening of the film is extraordinary. However, if the word of mouth turns out to be poor, it may fail. With an experienced director like Shashank, I am sure of the film turning out to be a hit."

The film has released today. The film will surely get Ganesh back to top spot, if he manages a blockbuster with this film. Let us wait for a few days and see, how the film fares.

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Can "Mungaaru Male 2" recreate the magic of prequel?