'Anukta' Movie Review: Peak of class!!

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'Anukta' Movie Review: Peak of class!!

'Anukta' Movie Review: Peak of class!!

Vedant   ¦    Feb 02, 2019 10:00:45 AM (IST)

\'Anukta\' Movie Review: Peak of class!!-1Rating: 4 out of 5

'Anukta', which released on Friday, February 1, is an attempt in the thriller and suspense genre, which also highlights the Tulunadu tradition of 'Daiva Kola'. After the release of the film's trailer, huge expectations were built. It was also being compared to Sandalwood's evergreen classic "Rangi Taranga". However, does the film meet all the expectations?

The film begins with the murder of a political activist named Bhaskar, which locals allege is done by a ghost. Then enters investigating officer (Karthik), who stays in Bengaluru with his wife (Sangeetha Bhat). The first half of the film is dedicated to the couple's relationship. Sangeetha is seen to be upset with Karthik as he devotes all his time to his career. During the course of the film, Sangeetha begins to experience paranormal happenings after she receives a courier. Soon, the couple decides to go to coastal Karnataka as Karthik wants to solve the case and for his wife to get over her mental stress. A roller coaster ride ensues in Karthik's life as his unexplored past is connected to the place.

The male lead Karthik Attavar steals the show in every scene. The young actor, who has shown his mettle in on the small screen as well as in Tulu film, makes his Sandalwood debut with this film. He has performed maturely and is impressive in emotional scenes as well. The female lead Sangeetha Bhat has also done a really good job and done justice to her role. Sampath Raj is also brilliant in his role as the rich village head. Anu Prabhakar, however, has a small but impactful role to play in the film, as her character is the most pivotal one. As usual, she has done very well in her performance.

The film has been directed by Ashwath Samuel, who has previously worked as an editor. Considering that this is his debut as a director, Samuel has done a very good job. He is good at detailing and it looks like he will have a great future. The two heroes of the film are cameraman Manohar Joshi and music composer Nobin Paul. The background music and cinematography is done really well and enhances the film.

Overall the film is a must watch and will not disappoint you even a bit and can be watched by the whole family. The run-time of the film feels perfect and is just over 2 hours long.