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Inland Mayura

Inland Mayura

Dec 03, 2016 05:08:01 PM (IST)


Surrounded by lush green hills and blessed with copious rainfall, Puttur, rich agricultural town of Dakshina Kannada is steeped in history. Its name derives from a pond of pearls (Muthu) situated in a 1000-year old temple, whose deity is said to guard the prosperity of the town. Puttur also houses a 300-year old mosque and a 180-year old church built by missionaries from Goa.

Arecanut farms and cashew plantations unfold in every direction, as Puttur glides its way, serenely to modernity. Already the second largest habitation in the district, Puttur is seeing major investments in its agro-based industries that are changing the face of this once red-tiled and narrow-laned town into a fashionable, forward-looking mini-city of smart buildings, malls and commercial activity.

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Inland Mayura

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