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Beverly Fernandes   ¦    Dec 18, 2018 10:34:05 AM (IST)

Now-1What started out as roses and lilies
And butterflies all around
Has now become landslides and volcanos
All hurtling towards the ground.

Had we an inkling
Of a disaster as grave
Would we be able
To prevent or save?

Had we the power
To travel back in time
Could we have set right
And ensured happiness for a lifetime?

Alas! Yesterday is just a yearning desire
And tomorrow may never come
They say that all we have is today
But, ain’t it all so fearsome?

There may be no tomorrow
And now is all we’ve got
But what is it that keeps us
From changing our own lot?

Is it the regret from yesterday?
Or the fear of the day to hap
For today, we must remember,
Is seeping like sand through the gap.

So maybe this is it
Now, is where we are.
For we lose out on every moment
When we’re busy looking at the hour!