Let’s do resolutions differently this time

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Let’s do resolutions differently this time

Let’s do resolutions differently this time

Deepshikha Dhankar   ¦    Jan 17, 2019 03:35:35 PM (IST)

Let’s do resolutions differently this time-1This time of the year, we can’t help but plan things for the rest of the days. Because, why not? Whether we stick by them or not, at least it helps to catch up with the rest of the world and having our New Year’s resolutions listed down on a crushed piece of paper, maybe during the most drunken New Year’s Eve never hurt nobody. We like to challenge ourselves for the most hopeless things we know we might still not be able to accomplish in the New Year.

And then, we tend to over-do it because we feel the pressure of keeping our resolutions, not because we really want to make a difference, but in hopes that one day we might just be up for it. But it doesn’t work, does it? Come February, and we have already forgotten we even made a resolution list. So, let’s do it a little different this year, shall we?
Let’s actually resolve our lives for the better!

Keeping a journal: It has been said over and over and you probably have heard it at least a million times that keeping a gratitude journal is the best way to live your years. And all of it can’t be wrong. There is science behind it, there is reasoning, there is scepticism, and then there is hope behind the whole gratitude idea. But maybe this year, you can be slightly more open to different ideas which seem uncomfortable or funny? You never know, they might work!

A reading corner: There is no way to resolve much in life if you don’t have the right source. And what could be better than a book or two? Pick up some healthy books (not cooking recipes, but subconscious ones) and commit to a reading corner that you can successfully picture yourself sitting in with that book. Make a list of books you might want to read this year for improving yourself, your work, business, relationships, etc. Take suggestions from friends or just crash at a bookstore. You’ll automatically find your reading corner.

The magic box: So many times we simply don’t pay attention or within seconds let go of some of the most magical moments. Could you save them? Yes, by recording them in some way. Write down on a piece of paper something great, magical, and helpful that happened to you - every week or month, and keep storing them in a box. It’s another way of keeping a gratitude journal but who said you can’t do both?

A vision document: Having a clear, concise and visual document of how you see 2019 can really help accomplish your goals. Vision has an amazing way of working towards your goals and the more vividly you can image or describe them, the sooner they’ll all come true. The Magic, anyone? Well, whether you believe in magic or not, science has backed this kind of a subconscious habit to bring great fruits if followed rigorously. A simple way to do this is by bucketing some of your top goals and on a scale of 0-10, rating where you are in each and where you’d like to be as the year progresses.

Monthly progress: Instead of making a long term, yearly goal, and then feeling disappointed for not accomplishing it, you can try working on yourself on a monthly basis. For example, one month you can decide to cut coffee or soda or alcohol and stick by it and second month, you can start meditating and commit to it for the whole 30 days, third month, you can indulge in some creativity that you haven’t touched in years maybe, and so on. This way, you’ll not only feel accomplished but you’ll also see a great deal of improvement in yourself and the way you have been progressing each month.

Progress parameters: One of the biggest mistakes we all commit is - comparing our own progress with others and not understanding that someone else’s goals and progress are not ours. This leads to a negative way of looking at one’s progress or complete disinterest in any goal altogether. So, decide your own parameters for success. Keep away from dictating failures and only focus on your success, even if it’s just 1%. And remember, you are your own person, on your own journey, setting your own mark.

No: That’s right! Say no to all of the above if this is not something that enhances your progress this year or doesn’t contribute to who you want to be and where you want to go. Resolve to say no, even to yourself, if that’s how you feel. It is that simple. Remember, you are your own person, on your own journey, setting your own mark. Do it your way!

Of course, there are many more things you can add to this list according to your personal goals and perspective towards life. But pretty sure, if you imbibe even a few in your routine, you’ll be heading towards a happy and fulfilling year – and not a disappointed year with unaccomplished resolutions.