KE Business Insider interviews Brian Fernandes, CEO of Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd.

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KE Business Insider interviews Brian Fernandes, CEO of Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd.

KE Business Insider interviews Brian Fernandes, CEO of Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd.

Jan 22, 2019 11:08:46 AM (IST)

KE Business Insider interviews Brian Fernandes, CEO of Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd.-1Sameera Fernandes of Kanara Entrepreneurs Limited and Director of Marketing Communications and CSR at Greener Steps spoke to CEO of Spearhead Media Group, Brian Fernandes on their completion of five years in "positive journalism". Here are some excerpts:

Your media house is currently leading the way in diverse news reportage across Karnataka. How have you managed to be a differentiator?

Our focus is on providing Kannadigas around the world a window to Karnataka - Its issues and concerns, failures and successes and its peoples' joys and sorrows. We cover, apart from hard news, lifestyle, business, sports, sandalwood, entertainment and development news and cover most cities of the state. Currently, there is no other Digital media which focuses on the state as a whole. We have positioned our media house accordingly featuring our news in both English and Kannada thereby ensuring we reach our intended target audience. We also publish a monthly English magazine – Karnataka Today in English and we hope to have this published in Kannada soon.

Tell us about your vision and what you hope to achieve?

Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd is the story of a seed. A seed that was planted in fertile soil, nurtured continuously and conscientiously for over 5 years now by all its stakeholders. It’s now in bloom. It was founded by three dynamic young individuals – Prakash Lobo, Nelson Lobo and Rajesh Menezes who had a vision to empower the people of Karnataka through information dissemination and showcase Karnataka to those who are unaware of its potential. That's why the tag line - Engage, Enlighten, Evolve.

As we evolved, the company's four media products grew in brand value and recall and the investor, employee, contributor and partner base expanded. Kanara Entrepreneurs Member Canute Pinto - Director - Marketing & Operations, Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd. is also playing an active role in taking our company forward and is instrumental in turning this vision into reality.

What are the areas of expertise your Organisation offers?

We offer three areas of expertise
• Brand Building through Web and Print Advertising through our Digital and Print offerings
• Brand Building through SEO and Social Media Marketing on a professional basis.
• Graphic Design - Logos, Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Books

Tell us more about the Spearhead Media Group

The Spearhead Media Group, led by its flagship Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd. owns and operates two popular pan Karnataka news websites - and and publishes one English Monthly Magazine 'Karnataka Today'. Both are impartial, independent, focused on Karnataka and the truth. We also host a YouTube Channel 'NKTv' which hosts video episodes on culture, food, talk shows and the like, and run a graphic design house 'Verdevice'.

The growth has been incremental. We commenced operations in a small way with a website in Kannada (, added an English one the following year (, launched a print magazine, 'Karnataka Today in 2015', premiered our android apps in 2016, started hosting a YouTube channel in 2017, and launched NK Live in late 2018.

All the media products are editorially independent and focused on positive journalism of the kind that will convert Business Triangles (Innovator, Investor & Revenue) into expanding concentric circles to speed up both business and brand recall.

Tell us about your offerings

We offer a complete brand building media package across our platforms - On offer is a media partnership to businesses and governments to build their brands through our Digital and Print offerings and our social media presence (we have 2 Lakh followers for our Facebook Page). We also undertake SEO and Social Media Marketing through our dedicated partnership with one of the best firms in this business across the world. We also provide for businesses' graphic design needs. It's a complete package.

Where you want to take your business?

We aim to be:
The preferred disseminator of information for Kannadigas across the world based on our independence and partiality to the truth.

The preferred brand building partner in terms of their advertising, digital marketing or graphic design needs for businesses where ever they may be.

The preferred media house for live coverage of corporate and cultural events.

How do you plan to address some of the key business challenges?

While we continue to focus on honest content without sensationalism to enlarge our circle of admirers, we have also now begun to build human networks across cities, engage with social influencers through our studio and publications, highlight what we do through limited public advertising and build a more fascinating and engaging social media presence through the employment of professionals in the field. We have initiated new networks through our Students Action in Media (SAM) program to engage students to practice and report and other media innovations like our Legends of Karnataka and Amazing Stories Publications based on the Karnataka Today Brand.

What are your plans moving forward?

We plan an IPO in 2022. Our intention is to enhance the brand value and take Karnataka Today to all cities. Personally, for our media house emerging from a tier 2 city, that indeed will be a great achievement and we plan to do it incrementally but with determination.

By Sameera Fernandes