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May 20, 2020 10:28:35 AM (IST)


House help was scarce during the lockdown and one had to look at the end of his/her arms to find it. But they're back and there's joy everywhere, but none like on their faces. But what we don't realize, is, it was always there; only we didn't see it...



Bibijahan is my house help,
sure of her bread and evening tea!
For her, contentment is free.
She has it infinitely;
And she shares it with me,
As she moves from one chore to another.

Happiness is her biggest blessing!
It's not taught; it's her way of life.
Why to worry, she says.
Nothing is dreadful, even Corona,
her forehead puckers and she smiles strangely,
as she utters the word.
The world is round, she says
There's no end, but for you and me.

She is cheerful, healthy, and a mother of three.
And her husband, a mason, guides and directs the family.

So much to learn from a totally unlettered couple:
A life of loving togetherness, ethics, and honesty!
When they are together; it's double!

I look at them and wonder from which Harvard,
they have inculcated values, wisdom, and virtues;
Lessons invaluable, sans curriculum,
To pass on a legacy
Of hard work and ideal living,
to their generations and ours too.

I receive from her, more than she from me;
I share it with the "educated " world I address.
Does the world need the lettered to learn from?
Is the question for thee...

Prof. Maria C. D'Costa
UXCEL, Institute for Excellence