"We are working to unite Kannadigas across the world" : Sagarottara Kannadigaru

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"We are working to unite Kannadigas across the world" : Sagarottara Kannadigaru

"We are working to unite Kannadigas across the world" : Sagarottara Kannadigaru

Team NK   ¦    Mar 04, 2021 05:21:29 PM (IST)

\"We are working to unite Kannadigas across the world\" : Sagarottara Kannadigaru-1

Dubai:  In response to the fictitious allegations on a Kannada channel made by 3 people recently, The Sagarotara Kannadigaru Forum said "Sagarottara Kannadigaru was established by five sensible Kannadigas with the slogan "Let the echo of nonpartisan, secular, and integrated Karnataka be heard around the world. Thus, it is inappropriate it is to use the word "NRI" for them."

They said "The images of the founders of the forum were published by the channel, without personal consent, and selecting some publications on our forum, and speaking under the heading "NRI Kannada is a Lie" to suit their own interests is ridiculous."

The 25th Conversations has been successfully done in 9 months by the forum. The forum expressed its heartfelt gratitude to the philosophers, former chief ministers, police officers, soldiers, and movie actresses who volunteered to listen to them for three hours around the world and inspire them.

The forum made a humble request to some Kannadigas who are deliberately trying to show that they have done something wrong. they advised not to waste energy in a destructive manner.

"We have made the silver jubilee celebration on 25 conventions, in upcoming days we are planning for an event under the title of the Golden Jubilee at our 50th convention. We are introducing overseas Kannadigas to inspirational personalities like "Jogathi Manjamma", We are working to unite Kannadigas," the forum said.

"Join hands with all of us to make Kannada a global resonance, The Sagarottara Kannadiga is not limited to association organizations works in any couple of countries. Using the complementary capabilities, let's work for  Kannada by bringing together all overseas Kannadigas around the world." they requested.

"Our association is always striving for Kannadigas, regardless of the challenges," they added.

expressing their gratitude the form said, "We will be eternally grateful to all of our Kannada friends from around the world who have inspired and helped us so far."

The forum requested to send the opinions regarding this to their Email sagarottarakannadigaru@gmail.com

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