'The Fresh' launching today: Delivery a click away

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'The Fresh' launching today: Delivery a click away

'The Fresh' launching today: Delivery a click away

Team NK   ¦    Jun 17, 2021 12:01:26 AM (IST)

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Dubai: For residents of Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, fresh fish, chicken, and mutton are available with just one click as The Fresh is officially launching live on Thursday June 17.

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Rawoof Ali, Executive Director of Arabia Holdings & Economic Holdings, Ronald Colaco, NRI entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Anwar Naha, General Secretary of KMCC UAE, Shabbir Abbas from Bohra community, Praveen Shetty, President of KNRI Forum, UAE, S M Basheer, President, Beary’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries, UAE and Vice President of Kalam Telecom, Tadu Mamu, Labors Consul, Indian consulate, Kasim Ahamed from Hidayah Foundation, Ramachandra Reddy, Chairman of Al Kendy Group, Rashid Hazari, Chief Strategist – Future Economy Department of Economic Development Government of Dubai and other eminent dignitaries will be present during the virtual launch of 'The Fresh'.

The team aims to give the best online service for premium, high-quality fresh seafood, chicken, and mutton. All the items will be delivered to customers chopped, cleaned, and vacuum-packed. They can place an order with a reasonable amount from the official website.

Throughout the cutting, handling, packaging, and shipping process, The Fresh will rigorously adhere to protocols providing extra care to each item while keeping customers safety and health in mind.

Visit the website www.thefresh.ae to place the orders. You can also download and use Android and iOS Apps.

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