Now, get UAE work permit in 48 hrs: MoHRE

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Now, get UAE work permit in 48 hrs: MoHRE

Now, get UAE work permit in 48 hrs: MoHRE

SC KM   ¦    Oct 08, 2019 06:22:57 PM (IST)

Now, get UAE work permit in 48 hrs: MoHRE-1Dubai: The UAE's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), on Monday, October 7, announced that a work permit in the country can be acquired within two business days.

In an official statement, the MoHRE said, "Business owners can obtain work permits through the smart committee service, which actions the establishment's request electronically and around the clock."

Speaking to Khaleej Times, an MoHRE representative said that there is no need for the employer to physically visit the MoHRE since the application for a work permit can be submitted online via the ministry's website or smartphone application.

Furthermore, the online service will be availabe 24/7 and mitigates the manual checking process of the employer's employee quota. The work permit will be issued within 48 hours provided all the application's requirements are met.

Earlier, obtaining a UAE work permit meant visiting the MoHRE and later, dealing with the General Directorate Residency and Foreign Affairs department. This work permit allows the applicant to arrive and stay in the UAE for two months from the issued date.