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Maxim Pereira enthrals UAE music lovers in Live in Concert

Maxim Pereira enthrals UAE music lovers in Live in Concert

Shodhan Prasad   ¦    Sunil Pinto @ S4S   ¦   Feb 02, 2019 05:12:33 PM (IST)

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Dubai: ‘Yuva Prathiba’, ‘Melody Star’ Maxim Pereira Anjelore and top-notch artistes of G-major Anjelore rocked Dubai’s audience with their non-stop entertainment programme- ‘Maxim Live in Concert’ (MLC). The show was held at Emirates Theater, Jumeirah on Friday, February 1, in association with Maestro Events.

The programme started at around 5.45 PM with the introduction of Magician Antony Mascarenhas, who ‘cast a spell’ on the audience with his skills.

Later, guests Jacinta Mendonca, Shoba Mendonca, Lavina Fernandes, Asha Correa and Nisha Pereira officially inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp.

During the formal stage programme, Arthur Pereira’s Maa Creation and Lloyd Rego Thakode’s ‘Jezu Muja Moga’ CD was released. Philanthropist, businessman, singer and actor Joseph Mathias, who is also the MD of Merit Freight Systems Co LLC, escorted James Mendonca who did the honours.

Orson D’Souza’s ‘Awesome Orson – Mii Ya More’ CD was released by the patron of Sharjah Karnataka Sangha, Mark Denis and producer of Tulu Movie, Ronald Martis. Musician/Producer Canute Mathias’s CD was also released.

Joseph Mathias and Team rendered a beautiful ‘Rome Sheher’, followed by Dony and Asha Correa’s ‘Ho Eklo Cholo Choli’. Anson-Sabitha duo sang ‘Moghachi Dhaag’, while baby Tiana Mathias rendered ‘Oot Munshya Poile’. Later, Priya Menezes sang ‘Mogache Yene’, Maxim sang ‘Tuka Muji Rani Kartha’, Preema sang ‘Tuttlem Sopan’, Joseph and Dony sang ‘Dony Duje’, Sabitha sang ‘Ye Rasnara’ and Melwyn sang ‘Joylina’. The performances got a thunderous response from the crowd.

Maxim’s ‘Manasa’ was another beautiful number well presented with a dance. Following this was ‘Dolly’ by Anil, ‘Mogache Geet’ by Anson, ‘Marghai’ by Joseph Mathias, ‘Mog Udtha Maka’ by Melwyn and ‘Priya’ and ‘Maina’ by Canute Mathias, who revealed that this song was penned by Maxim for his wife Nisha a long time ago.

‘Zodya bes Lagnacho’ by Anil and Preema was another beautiful number followed by ‘Kapad’ melodiously rendered by Joseph Mathias, Maxim Pereira and Dony Correa.

In between the songs, three comedy acts were presented by the ‘Sangon Mugdana Kalakar’ team comprising of Lavina Fernandes, Godwin Castelino, Roystan Pereira, Paul D’Souza Paladka and Venetia Rodrigues. The comedy sketches were accompanied by background music from Rohan D’Souza Angelore.

‘V Dynamites’ dance crew, headed by Vinod Sequiera, brought another level of richness to the singers’ performances with their skilful choreography. Their final presentation was a Bollywood number.

The music for the concert was arranged by Roshan along with the band G-major. They along with the other artists, performers and MC’s were individually honoured and felicitated. Joseph Mathias was also felicitated for his efforts and he gave an emotional acceptance speech, where he thanks everyone who supported him.

Food stalls with a variety of Mangalorean delicacies by Dasprakash Restaurant including ‘Dukra maas’ and ‘Sanna’ were made available to the gathering.

The programme was concluded with Maxim’s famous ‘Baila Boom’ and the crowd cheered and danced for 20 minutes till 10.10 PM.

MC Vernon D’Souza conducted the formal stage programme. MC Roshan D’Silva Vamanjoor conducted the entertainment section of the event.

Philanthropist, businessman, singer and actor Joseph Mathias, who is also the MD of Merit Freight Systems Co LLC, single-handedly hosted the event and recorded a great success. He has promoted several of Maxim Pereira’s events and films in the past and wholeheartedly supported various Konkani, Tulu and Kannada events for the past several years in the Arabian Gulf and India.

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