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Good Samaritan Joyce Rego passes away in Abu Dhabi

Good Samaritan Joyce Rego passes away in Abu Dhabi

Team NK   ¦    Dec 04, 2018 10:18:32 PM (IST)

Good Samaritan Joyce Rego passes away in Abu Dhabi-1

Abu Dhabi: Joyce Rego, wife of Rotarian Robert Rego, Rego Garden Bajpe passed away at 7 pm on Dec 4 in Abu Dhabi. She had reached 60, just yesterday, that is on December 3.

Both Joyce and her husband Robert Rego are known to be a very active Mangalorean couple in Abu Dhabi's St. Joseph Cathedral and used to spend most of their time off duty at church and doing social activities.

Joyce for a long term was the coordinator of Cathecism in the Cathedral and was the secretary of the Christmas Festival committee, a Eucharistic minister and was known to all across communities.

Joyce was also actively involved in the Konkani community services and was a member of Abu Dhabi s premiere Konkani Organisation KCO - Konkani Cultural Organisation of which her husband was past president.

She is survived by husband Rotarian Robert Rego, sons Jonathan, Joel and Joshua.

Funeral Details:

The funeral mass will be on Friday 7th December 2018, at 12 noon at St Joseph's Cathedral, Abu Dhabi followed by burial at Non-Muslim Graveyard, Baniyas. 

Buses will be arranged for the people from St Joseph's Cathedral to Graveyard, Baniyas to pay last respect to Joyce Rego.

Contact Numbers : 00971501379397, 00971505910903.