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Anjali Shanbhogue rocks Dubai with her saxophone at Amchi family show

Anjali Shanbhogue rocks Dubai with her saxophone at Amchi family show

Apr 18, 2017 11:04:50 AM (IST)

Dubai: Rythm Events concluded 11th year’s celebration of Amchi Family 2017 gathering held on Friday, April 14 at Emirates English Speaking School, Al Safa, Dubai to a full house audience enjoying the day-long programme of dance, music and masti.

The programme started at around 10 am with the traditional lighting of the lamp by Ramdas Kini, Subhash Shanbhogue, Venkatesh Prabhu, Ramchandra Hegde, Sudarshan Hegde and Santosh Prabhu doing the honours while the Ladies of the Samaj rendered Prayer inaugurating the anniversary celebrations.

Welcome dance was performed by budding artistes of Klassical Rythms, Adya Nayak, Avani Kamath, Shruthi Shenoy, Shikha Shenoy,Vidhiktha, Adhya Kadri, Vindya Pai, Prerana Pai, Aditi Kamath, Smruthi Shenoy, the students of Rohini Ananth .

Soon all the four MC’s Sudharshan, Harish, Sabitha and Veena came on to the stage and differently did their self-introduction to the audience in their own imitable style. It was followed by a welcome speech by Ramdas Kini, the president who briefed on the event, the values of the samaj and how the programme was planned after a long gap of time.

Later a group dance was performed by Soumya Nadkarni, Anisha Prabhu and Anagha Kamath which was very well applauded.

Children from the community who excelled in their academic studies were felicitated and honoured during the programme. Also, those children who were honored with Sh. Khalifa Award recently were also felicitated during the programme for their achievement. The proceedings were ably done by Rekha Nayak and Uday Mallya.

The programme continued with various filmy and folk dances beautifully presented by children from tiny tod’s to teens of the Samaj amid applauds from the audience. Unnati Nayak, Vibha Kamath, Stuthi Kamath, Krithi Kamath, Vidhi Kamath, Niharika Shanbhag, Adya Nayak, Avni Kamath, Shruthi Shenoy, Shikha Shenoy, Vidhiktha, Adhya Kadri, Vindya Pai, Prerana Pai, Aditi Kamath, Smruthi Shenoy, Shashank Shenoy, Vighnesh Kini, Riya Shenoy, Sidhi Shenoy, Sanika Pai, Amogh Kamath, Anvita Pai, Sidhansh K. Sakshi Shenoy, Sidharth Pai, Tanvee Kamath, Anika Shenoy andTejas Kamath were among those who participated.

Instrumental drums was another wonderful presentation by Saurav Prabhu and Sathwik Prabhu which was very well applauded by the audience.

A fusion dance by Veena Pai, Divya Pai, Deepa Shenoy and Poornima Shenoy had the audience cheering, applauding and craving for more where after it was again presented after the lunch break.

The audience savored the sumptuous vegetarian lunch, finger licking dishes and sweets served at the event.

A beautifully choreographed fashion parade was presented by the Abu Dhabi Samaj Bhandavas portraying communal harmony and integrity which was very special and well-showcased. It was ably choreographed by Veena Mallya and presented by Rahul Mallya, Avani Kamath, Pai, Kripa Prabhu, Shilpa Hegde, Vidya Prabhu, Shilpa Shenoy, Bharati Pai, Shakunthala Kini, Veena Mallya, Divyalaxmi Prabhu, Sudha Nayak and Archana Kamath.

Tiny tod’s of Ocean Kids Dance Academy beautifully presented various dances with the cheering audience applauding for every step of their dances the little one’s cutely presented with properly dressed with glittering costumes.

Well-known young prodigy Saxophonist, Anjali Shanbhogue who has become a household name in India started her maiden Dubai performance with various devotional bhajans along with accompanists Deepak on Key board, Rajesh Bhagwath on Table and percussion and Vaman on drums and rhythm board. Their surprise presentation took the audience into the devotional world with audience humming the sacred chants in line with the tune of Anjali’s magic saxophone.

With the break was a comedy skit by Sudharshan Hegde, Harish Shenoy, Anjana Kamath and Veena Pai which was written and directed by Keshav Mallya a beautiful presented mythological satire in comic form.

Throughout the day long programme the MC’s conducted various funny spot games with prizes for the winners.

Special guest artists Anjali Shanbhogue, Deepak, Vaman and Rajesh Bhagwat were felicitated on the stage with shawl, flower bouquet, dry fruits, memento and honour certificates for their participation. All the sponsors of the event were also honoured with flower bouquet, mementos and shawl.

Later the programme later continued with non-stop Saxophone presentation by Anjali Shanbhogue with numbers ranging from yester year to current hits non-stop swinging continuously with melodious tunes which forced the audience to get up from their seats and dance on their toes from young to old madly to various numbers. The audience craved for more and were totally dumped into musical world swinging, dancing, singing like the followers of Anjali requesting for their favorite numbers which she played without any hesitation. Anjali took the audience to whole new experience with her saxophone music which was never heard live in this part of the world for quite long. Though the audience craved for more, the time constraints prevented it as it was already 8 pm and her performance had to be concluded paving way for other concluding programmes.

There was a raffle draw at the end with various attractive prizes won by many lucky winners

Vote of thanks was ably presented by Ramdas Kini.

On the whole, the full day event by Amchi Family was a programme which left a mark of remembrance, artistically and traditionally presented.