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Abbey falls: A tourist’s delight

Abbey falls: A tourist’s delight

B M Lavakumar   ¦    Jun 30, 2016 06:14:31 PM (IST)

Madikeri: Due to incessant rainfall in the recent past, one location has tuned out as ‘a bride in the woods’ as thousands of enthusiastic tourists are pouring in to see the ‘beauty’ as she runs downhill and drops down from a height of around 80 feet before she vanishes!
Abbey falls: A tourist’s delight-1                                         Tourist's delight in the midst of nature: The beautiful Abbey falls

The ‘femme-fatale’ in the region is Abbey falls, located at a distance of 8 kms from Madikeri town in K.Nidugade village panchayath limits. The picturesque location where clouds descend to meet the tall trees and the mist that surrounds, reminds each one of a snowfall in Kashmir.

The chirping of birds, aroma of nature and the roar from a distance can never go unnoticed as the trek in the coffee estate which belongs to Naniah lures everyone to the beautiful falls.

The first English pastor to Coorg who visited the location prior independence, fell in love with ‘nature’s manifestation’ and termed it as Jessy falls, after his daughter’s name Jessy.

On the flipside, 52 deaths have been recorded over the years as many tourists venture in the dangerous area throwing caution to the wind by ignoring the display boards. Poor public transport, strewn plastic and used liquor bottles in the area disappoint most nature friendly tourists.

The water droplets splash and a walk across the hanging bridge will remain in the tourists’ memory for sure!