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Yaduveer Wadiyar launches bimonthly newsletter 'Bherunda'

Yaduveer Wadiyar launches bimonthly newsletter 'Bherunda'

U K   ¦    Nov 15, 2017 08:05:07 AM (IST)

Yaduveer Wadiyar launches bimonthly newsletter \'Bherunda\'-1Mysuru: Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar launched his bimonthly web magazine called "Bherunda" here on November 14. The bimonthly newsletter will give an insight into the history, heritage and the Wadiyars of Mysuru, all of which will be written by Yaduveer himself.

Yaduveer said, “This is 21st century technology and we have to keep up with the rest of the world to stay more in touch." He expressed his desire for more people to learn more about history and hence, he has condensed the detailed history into a couple of pages in the newsletter.

Speaking more about the newsletter, he said that after reading just a few pages of the newsletter, one would be able to learn the history of Dharmasthala and the Wadiyars-a nearly 200 years long relation. He said that he would also include bits about events that he has been a part of, if he finds them interesting.

"I want to give importance to both the past and the present", he said adding that everything would be cross checked by experts before it is uploaded on the newsletter.These sort of histories after doubly cross checking with subject related experts, will be uploaded in the newsletter.

Yaduveer had initially planned to launch the newsletter on November 1 but was unable to do so as it wasn't yet ready. "I want it to be neat and clean and have aesthetic value. The local people know the basic history of the Wadiyars but it isn't the same case with outsiders," he said.

"The newsletter will definitely help mainstream audiences know the history of Mysuru. Anybody who wishes to contribute to the newsletter can do so", he said adding that as of now, an English version of the newsletter is available stated that a Kannada version would be launched in a couple of days.

The first edition of the newsletter is of 21 pages which is available on, and one can come across the Dasara celebration, Sri Chamundeshwari Rathosava, Yaduveer's visits to Dharmasthala, advent of Yadavas, launch of open jeep vehicles, presenting Maharaja’s cup and Pratibhanveshane at Kalisu Foundation.

Yaduveer's website is