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'We can do small things with great love'

'We can do small things with great love'

U K   ¦    Jan 11, 2018 04:39:21 PM (IST)

\'We can do small things with great love\'-1

Mysuru: "Not all of us can do great things. But, we all can do small things with great love”, said the noble saint Teresa of Calcutta better known as Mother Teresa, who founded the Missionaries of Charity, a congregation having thousands of volunteers from all over the world. They manage homes for the aged and destitute, orphanages and schools, offering free service to the poorest of the poor.

To fulfill the social responsibility of the institution and to inculcate the culture of sharing and caring among the students, Mount Litera Zee School’s philanthropic arm called "Lend a Helping Hand" was launched in 2015. Since its inception, the members of "Lend a Helping Hand" have been active throughout the years collecting donations in kind from students, parents and well wishers of the school. Every year, they identify and adopt orphanages that require assistance and make contributions.

In 2017, members of "Lend a Helping Hand" consisting of students of grades 7 to 9 along with their Chairman Joseph Thomas, Secretary P Nagaraja, Principal Preethy Vincent, Academic Coordinator Geetha J Raman, KG coordinator Nirmala Ajith and staff representative Shanthi Coelho, visited the Home for Destitute and donated food, clothing and toiletries besides entertaining the inmates with Christmas carols and programmes.

In the previous years, "Lend a Helping Hand" had visited Bapuji Children’s Home, Sri Chayadevi Anathashrama, Kaliyuva Mane and Home for the aged.