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War of words between Prakash Rai and Pratap Simha continues

War of words between Prakash Rai and Pratap Simha continues

Nov 13, 2017 04:51:39 PM (IST)

War of words between Prakash Rai and Pratap Simha continues-1Mysuru: The war of words between actor Prakash Rai and MP Pratap Simha continued, with the latter accusing the former of trying to build a "larger than life" pseudo image in the public sphere.

Calling himself an ordinary actor, Prakash Rai is living under the assumption of surpassing greats in the field of acting like Dr. Rajkumar, Amitabh Bachhan and NTR, alleged Pratap Simha and added Prakash Rai “spits and runs away.”

The charges traded by Rai against the prime minister lack substance but employed only to gain public attention and benefits, accused MP Simha.

Prakash Rai cries foul over the death of children at a hospital in UP but fails to notice the same happening in nearby Kolar. While sharing the dais with state forest minister Ramanath Rai, the actor maintains silence over the death of RSS activist Sharath Madival, said Simha and accused Rai of adopting different standards for judging critical issues.

If Prakash Rai can criticise US President Donald Trump, UP Chief Minister Yogi using his personal freedom of speech, the same can be employed by me, said MP Simha justifying his tirade.

“Fear has gripped the nation”, says Rai accusing PM Modi in his reference to freedom of speech but does he realise that he lives in a society which has him given paramount freedom to express his views freely, questioned MP Simha.

Pratap Simha’s comments are in response to the comment made by the actor on November 12 speaking on diverse issues at Press Club in Bengaluru.