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Try to start night safari at Mysuru Zoo: CM Siddaramaiah

Try to start night safari at Mysuru Zoo: CM Siddaramaiah

U K   ¦    Aug 11, 2017 10:30:52 AM (IST)
Try to start night safari at Mysuru Zoo: CM Siddaramaiah

Mysuru: "Make zoo much more attractive to get more people by having more animals not only from across the country but also from foreign countries", said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. He also called upon zoo authorities to introduce night safari at Mysuru zoo.

Speaking after inaugurating 125 years celebration of Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden at its premise here on August 10 called upon the zoo authorities to come out with night safari at Mysuru zoo. “It’s really a celebration day for Mysuru city. Zoo is like a feather in its cap. People not only from across the country but also from other countries visit this place. Hence to attract people, variety of animals should be kept and more facilities added”, suggested Siddaramaiah.

On the occasion, he also remembered his childhood days and his visit to Mysuru zoo. “When I was in fifth or sixth standard, through school, I visited Mysuru zoo. Later when I was in high school, I had couple of opportunities to visit this place. It’s nice to see there are a lot of changes in the zoo, especially the greenery cover has improved tremendously."

'Ground level workers are real protectors of animals and birds'

When a former employee's son, all of a sudden got up and brought to chief minister's notice that even after 20 years of his father’s death, he had not been given the compensatory job, Siddaramaiah said if there is a process like that, it should come under Cadre and Recruitment rule and later could be made permanent. It’s the same with 200 temporary employees. He called upon Forest Minister Ramanath Rai who was sitting beside him to speed up the process and provide justice to all temporary employees of Mysuru Zoo who are working for the past many years some even for the past two to three decades, he added.

“The ground level employees of zoo play an important and pivotal role. It’s really a tough job. They protect animals. Because of them zoo is growing and developing”, added Siddaramaiah.

CM's Kannada grammar class

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who taught Kannada grammar to his colleagues during assembly sessions continued his Kannada grammar teaching at Mysuru Zoo. Soon after starting his speech he said, “Mruga plus alaya which sandi is this?" Later the crowd came with the right answer that it is Savarna Dhirga Sandi. He also defined what Savarna Dhirga Sandi is. Again he asked the crowd, what do you mean by Guna Sandi. Few minutes later, he also defined Guna Sandi which was well appreciated by the crowd.

To mark the occasion, Siddaramaiah also released special poster covers based on Mysuru Zoo, unveiled an amphitheatre which accommodates around 500 people and also documentary film CD of Mysuru zoo.

Ministers U T Khader and H C Mahadevappa were also present.