To beat summer heat, Anganwadi centres to get solar fan

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To beat summer heat, Anganwadi centres to get solar fan

To beat summer heat, Anganwadi centres to get solar fan

U K   ¦    Feb 06, 2018 06:36:35 PM (IST)

To beat summer heat, Anganwadi centres to get solar fan-1

Mysuru: Several kids attending the Anganwadis can heave a sigh of relief this summer as they are soon going to be equipped with solar fans. Nearly 150 Anganwadi centres i.e., 20 in each taluk, will be provided with the fan costing Rs 15,000 each on an experimental basis.

The request for sanctioning of the solar fans for Anganwadi centres that do not have a fan facility was raised by the Deputy Director of Women and Child Welfare Radha during the CSR meeting held at the Deputy Commissioner's Office here on February 5.

Taking into consideration her request, Deputy Commissioner D Randeep held discussions with the authorities, including the cost involved to procure each solar fan, and took a decision to provide solar fans to 150 Anganwadis.

Speaking to Newskarnataka, K Radha said, “There are around 2800 Anganawadi centres across the district. Among them, nearly 800 to 900 centres are having electric fan facility while nearly 30 of them are having solar fan facility. The rest of the centres do not have fan facility and this poses great problem for kids during summer. When this issue was brought to the notice of Deputy Commissioner D Randeep, he sanctioned 150 solar fans on experimental basis. These fans will be set up by the end of March this year. These solar fans will prove to be a great advantage, especially in rural areas that often face power outage as they can function even in the absence of power.

Separate kitchen and storeroom facility sanctioned for safety of Anganwadi kids:

Keeping in view the safety of kids, a decision to construct nearly 200 kitchens and storerooms at Anganawadi centres has been taken. “In many Anganwadis there are single rooms and everything from learning to cooking take place in the same room, thus posing a danger to children. Hence we had requested separate kitchen and storeroom facility and the same was immediately sanctioned by Deputy Commissioner D Randeep. Apart from these, racks was sanctioned for few Anganwadis in order to keep things systematically”, said Radha.