Tanveer Sait’s murder accused practiced by slitting dogs' throat!

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Tanveer Sait’s murder accused practiced by slitting dogs' throat!

Tanveer Sait’s murder accused practiced by slitting dogs' throat!

L K   ¦    Nov 23, 2019 04:01:44 PM (IST)

Tanveer Sait’s murder accused practiced by slitting dogs\' throat!-1

Mysuru: In a shocker of a revelation pertaining to the alleged murder attempt on Congress leader Tanveer Sait at a wedding ceremony, it is now known that the accused Farhan Pasha and his team trained themselves to carry out the murder by slitting the throats of dogs.

The police, who took Pasha into custody, interrogated him and police personnel was apprised of crucial information as a result. Pasha revealed that there was a group of individuals who worked with him. By tracking Pasha's phone, along with his recorded statement, the police nabbed five of the alleged culprits who have been identified as Akram, Abid Pasha, Noor Khan, Mujeeb and Muzamil.

It has also been confirmed that Pasha was working for an organisation. However, the name of the organisation is yet to be revealed.

According to the investigation reports, Pasha had targeted Hindu leader Giridhar and several other leaders from various other organisations. Abid Pasha is said to be the ‘mastermind’ behind Tanveer Sait’s attempt to murder case as police records show that he was involved in the murder of RSS activist Raju of Kyathemaranahalli.

The plot for Sait’s murder was carried out because there were no able opponents to Sait's candidacy from the Narasimharaja Constituency. By murdering him, their path to come to power in that constituency would become clear.

The police said that, while looking into footage of the attack on Sait, one could clearly come to the conclusion that such a crime could not have been committed without undergoing rigorous training.

During the investigation, the investigating officers tracked down Farhan Pasha's phone and obtained those contact details that Pasha had repeatedly called or spoken to for a long time. All such individuals are currently being investigated.

Meanwhile, Tanveer Sait has been shifted from the ICU unit to the hospital ward. The state government has also substantially increased Sait's security cover.