SSLC exams: Mysuru district's ranking slips, Chamarajanagar soars higher

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SSLC exams: Mysuru district's ranking slips, Chamarajanagar soars higher

SSLC exams: Mysuru district's ranking slips, Chamarajanagar soars higher

U K   ¦    Apr 30, 2019 09:49:54 PM (IST)

SSLC exams: Mysuru district\'s ranking slips, Chamarajanagar soars higher-1Mysuru: The Mysuru district has seen a steep decline in the recently announced results of the SSLC Board examination. The district which stood at 11th rank last year has come down to 17th place in the state and the overall passing percentage too has come down from 83.30 percent to 80.32 percent, a decrease by 2.65 percent. Rohan V Gangadkar from Ideal Jawa Rotary School who scored 622 out of 625 is the district topper. He is the son of H N Venkatesh, an advocate in the city and S Manjula who is senior KAS officer.

Compared to the boys, the girls have done well yet again. Among the 17,771 girls who appeared for the exam, 15007 (84.45 percent) have managed to pass while among the 17714 boys, 13613 (76.85 percent) have cleared the papers. Among the 35485 students together, 28620 have passed taking the overall passing percentage to 80.65 percent. Among the 645 schools in the district, 70 including 34 unaided, 29 government and 7 aided have secured 100 percent results. .

From the 257 government schools, 14,944 students had appeared among whom 12090 of them managed to clear the exam with an overall pass percentage of 80 while, among the 8085 students from 118 aided schools, 6165 cleared the exam with a pass percentage of 76.25 percent. From 270 unaided schools, 12457 students appeared for the exam among whom 10365 cleared the exam with a passing percentage of 83.21. At the taluk level, Periyapatna Taluk which secured 90.59 passing percentage stood first in the district while Mysuru North and T Narasipura managed to secure just 67.58 and 67.86 percent respectively.

Speaking to Newskarnataka, Panduranga, DDPI, Mysuru district said, “We are shocked with the results. From day one, i.e., from last June itself, we had started conducting various programmes to improve our ranking further but the outcome has really surprised us. To increase the pass percentage, we had come up with various programmes which included the pass package that provides supporting learning materials for those who are weak in English language. Apart from this, to improve the language among students, we had also come out with ‘January First English Fest’ programme that motivates the students to converse in English and make the subject simpler. Parents should also start giving more importance to their children. In cities, the parents are giving more importance and keeping track of their children's progress but it's not the same in villages.”

“The students who couldn’t pass need not worry or get disappointed, instead, they should start concentrating and try to clear the supplementary exams which will probably be held from June 20. They can still make it to college or any course they want by passing in the supplementary exams”, added Panduranga.

Chamarajanagar district does well

The Chamarjanagar district has improved its ranking from 24th last year to 15th this year. Last year, the passing percentage was 74.46 while this year it secured 80.58 percent. Manjula, DDPI, Chamarajanagar said, “After we slipped to 24th place last year, we analysed the reason. Later, we chalked out various programmes including Learning Achievement Motivational Programme, building self-confidence among students to face the exam. Apart from this, to know the ground reality of students we created a programme to make the teachers visit the students. All these programmes went on well and that’s the reason we managed to do well this year."

Among the 10423 students who appeared for the exam, 8450 managed to Pass which included 4509 girls and 3941 boys.