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Salt too has turned costlier under Modi, says H Vishwanath

Salt too has turned costlier under Modi, says H Vishwanath

SC L S   ¦    Oct 28, 2018 04:44:31 PM (IST)

Salt too has turned costlier under Modi, says H Vishwanath-1

Mandya: Striking a contrast between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi as both hailed from Gujarat, JDS leader H Vishwanathana said that while Gandhiji fought to make sure that a commodity as basic as salt was available to people free of cost, Modi government could not even control price rise of salt.

Speaking to the media, Vishwanath criticized the Modi government and said that salt to cooking oil, all of the necessary commodities have become expensive, poking holes in common man's pocket.

Recalling the times when BJP leaders had staged stir against price rise by placing empty LPG cylinders on street, he said today everyone from the BJP is silent.

He criticized the Modi government saying that, he goes on a foreign tour when such issues are raised and closes the doors of the constitutional bodies.
Farmers’ deaths were not even discussed in the parliament even once, he said.

Meanwhile, he also said that the BJP in the state has failed as an opposition in providing any fruitful advice.

Speaking about the bypolls Vishwanath said that this bypoll had put pressure on the treasury of the state and the commoners due to unnecessary expenditure.

Responding to BJP leader R Ashok's statement on HD Deve Gowda and Siddaramaiah, comparing the hug to that of “Dhritarashtra’s hug”, H Vishwanath sarcastically questioned if Ashok would come and give a kiss.