Railways to strengthen security after Ramanagaram robbery case

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Railways to strengthen security after Ramanagaram robbery case

Railways to strengthen security after Ramanagaram robbery case

U K   ¦    Dec 28, 2018 02:47:21 PM (IST)

Railways to strengthen security after Ramanagaram robbery case-1

Mysuru: After a few drunk men assaulted and looted passengers on Mysuru-Thalaguppa train on Thursday at Ramanagaram, South Western Railways has decided to have train security personnel in plainclothes or Mufti as well. The division has started working on boosting the security of the trains in a bid to avoid the occurrence of such episodes again in future.

Most of the trains from Mysuru to Bengaluru and vice-versa do not have adequate security, which is posing a lot of risk to rail commuters. Overall 29 trains are operated between Mysuru and Bengaluru and the same number from Bengaluru to Mysuru. Most of these trains, especially during night time lack adequate security. Making use of this loophole, miscreants started targeting innocent passengers, especially in the train with fewer passengers. The Ramanagaram robbery came as an eye opener for the authorities and now to ensure security to the passengers, the department has decided to strengthen security.

KM Hemanth Kumar, a regular commuter to Bengaluru from Mysuru said “I travel regularly to Bengaluru and there is hardly any security in most of the trains. It is high time the railway authorities gave importance to security and deployed at least three to four security personnel’s in each train so that passengers can travel safely. The security personnel should be given a gun so that the wrong-doers think twice before creating any nuisance in train”.

Suresh, Commandant, Railway Protection Bengaluru division, South Western Railway said “After Mysuru Thalaguppa train robbery incident we are deputing security personnel in more trains. Apart from security personnel in uniform, we are also sending a couple of security personnel in a civil dress too in all sections including Dharmapuram, Jolarpet and Mysuru section. During the journey, the passengers can call toll free number 182 if they encounter problems."