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Railway line laid as Tipu Armoury moves out of way

Railway line laid as Tipu Armoury moves out of way

U K   ¦    Apr 21, 2017 01:47:22 PM (IST)

Mysuru: A month after the Tipu Armoury was translocated; the railway has laid the track, completing the missing link between Mysuru and Bengaluru. The shifting of the 228-year-old armoury was necessary to complete the doubling of the Bengaluru-Mysuru line, which remaining pending only by 1.5 km as the heritage structure came on its way. The armoury, at Srirangapatna has been moved by 130 mts to make way for the railway track.

Railway line laid as Tipu Armoury moves out of way-1On March 10, the Railways with the help of US based Wolfe House Movers and New Delhi based PSL Engineering scripted history by moving the 1000 tonne structure physically, which is considered to be the first of its kind effort.

Though the initial work of shifting Tipu Armory started on October 2014 itself, it gained momentum from January this year that is when the experts from America and Delhi based firm started to join the team and fix beams. With this shifting, the 1.7 K.M. stretch of doubling work near Kaveri Bridge at Srirangapatna, which was pending due to the location of Tippu’s Armoury right in the way of proposed alignment of double track was taken up. With the completion of doubling of this stretch, the entire Mysuru-Bengaluru line will become double line.

The double line project between Mysuru and Bengaluru launched in 2008 was expected to build the double track by the end of 2011, but was delayed owing to land acquisition, shifting of Tipu Armoury and other various problems. The project was estimated to cost Rs 313 cr, including the electrification.

Speaking to, Keshava Murthy, Assistant Executive Engineer, Construction, South Western Railway (Mysuru) said “Initial track laying work, including previous location of Tipu Armoury which was posing hindrance for completion of double track is complete now. We need to take up ballast work and packing needs to be done. Apart from this, platform work is also under progress. Earlier the platform was 400mtrs now it has been extended to 450mtrs. Almost 99 percent works are complete and in another 30 days will be done completely," he said adding that once the works are completed commissioner of safety will inspect and give their approval.

Tipu armoury to be ready in two months

Tipu armoury, which has been shifted to new location is undergoing assembling works and at this stage, pillars have been constructed using lime mortar instead of regular cement so that 1000 tonne monument will stand on its own which is presently standing with the support of beams.

The curing for newly constructed pillar is going on and it will be continued for another 20 to 30 days. Later, the foreign experts, who left the place on March 14, will join the team and remove the beams and fill up the patches.

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Railway line laid as Tipu Armoury moves out of way