Racism: Two NE students denied entry into supermarket in Mysuru

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Racism: Two NE students denied entry into supermarket in Mysuru

Racism: Two NE students denied entry into supermarket in Mysuru

Sc BH   ¦    Mar 29, 2020 04:26:04 PM (IST)

Racism: Two NE students denied entry into supermarket in Mysuru-1Mysuru: In a disheartening episode that was reported in Mysuru, two students from the northeastern part of India were denied entry into an outlet of a renowned chain of supermarkets.

Episode of racism have been reported from various parts of the world around COVID-19. In an evident incident of racism, two students from Nagaland were blocked from entering the supermarket located near Chamundipuram on JLB Road Branch in Mysuru city around 6.30 pm on Saturday.

The incident was captured by one of them and the video has gone viral.

In the video, one of the youth is seen telling the security personnel why they cannot be accepted as Indians.

"You don’t know North East is in India. We too are Indians, we also need groceries like you. We too are humans and we need groceries just like you guys," one of the youth says, while the other joins in and says, "Why are you discriminating? We have an Aadhaar card.”

The video ends when the security person threatens the youth to stop videographying and the youth replies that he will inform the police.

Mysuru City Police has taken the manager and staff of the store into custody.

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao too has tweeted in support of the two youth.

“Some misguided persons have made unwanted Covid 19 remarks against our brethren from NorthEastern States. These misguided will be dealt with very sternly.Brothers & Sisters from NorthEast, you are secure here, approach nearest Policestation or Me directly Live Fearless," Rao's tweet reads.

One of the two youth subjected to this experience has put up a post on his Instangram account. The full post by 'maniachunter' reads: “PLEASE READ.THIS INCIDENT HAPPENED WITH US IN MYSURU, KARNATAKA.This is a proof of more stores who didn't accept us as an Indian.Me and my friend went to nearest more store this evening for groceries,we were in a queue for almost 25mins ,as our turns arrive we went to doors for entry and there were securities and they didn't allowed us to enter,so we talk them nicely like why can't we enter? We don't have any symptoms,or you can check us as well. And the securities said 'Coz you are not INDIAN', me n my friend were immediately offended with their response,but without any further argument we showed them our proof as an Indian (Aadhaar Card)and told them 'we are from Northeast India and a college students ', but still they said 'we don't accept foreigners'. We were arguing to proof ourselves as an Indian (for 5-10mins) in our own Nation. We went back home without groceries.Guys,the world is fighting this pandemic together, nobody should sleep without food. Stop this Racism coz of this #covid-19. If the owner don't feed his dog during this lockdown for the greed of his family the dog cannot survive, likewise,if the stores can't allow us to even purchase we humans can't survive. Whether it be Indian, foreigners or northeastern or whatever , remember we are Humans first and underneath every skin colours or face runs the same blood ie 'RED'. "STOP RACISM" ,"SAY NO TO RACISM".Make this vid n post go viral.