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Opposition for 'Bharath Bandh' in royal city of Mysuru

Opposition for 'Bharath Bandh' in royal city of Mysuru

SC L S   ¦    Sep 09, 2018 04:36:00 PM (IST)

Opposition for \'Bharath Bandh\' in royal city of Mysuru-1

Mysuru: Voicing its ire against the bandh called on September 10 by the Congress and the left parties, the Conscious Citizen Forum, showcased a unique awareness campaign in the Agrahara area, with a rose and a pamphlet, requesting not to close the shutters of any shops, here on September 9.

Senior actor Mic Chandru said, "There are series of festivals lined up and the farmers, shopkeepers, small and medium business sectors rely upon daily income. At this point, such an unscientific bandh will affect commoners, students, and labourers. The vendors and workers will be left in lurch."

The shopkeepers were requested to keep their shops open for an extra hour instead.

A resident of Agrahara K M Nishant said, "Earlier when there was a staunch support for bandh regarding the farmers' loan waive off, this government had told that such efforts would yield a null result and made it unsuccessful. Instead of blaming the center, the state shall find some solution."

"Having faulty and failed implementation of schemes, the state government is trying to divert the attention of the commoners", he added.

Artists of Conscious Citizen Forum such as Jayasimha, Parashivamurthy, Aardhya and others took part in the campaign.

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Opposition for 'Bharath Bandh' in royal city of Mysuru