Mysuru to have Integrated Circuit Board and Printed Circuit Board

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Mysuru to have Integrated Circuit Board and Printed Circuit Board

Mysuru to have Integrated Circuit Board and Printed Circuit Board

U K   ¦    Dec 18, 2018 08:15:37 PM (IST)

Mysuru to have Integrated Circuit Board and Printed Circuit Board-1

Mysuru: As part of the proposed nine industrial cluster, Mysuru will be having the Integrated Circuit Board (ICB) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for which 500 acre has been reserved at Adakanahalli/Himmavu Industrial Area said D K Lingaraju, Joint Director, District Industries Centre, Mysuru.

Speaking after inaugurating the Annual Manufacturing and Technology Conference organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Mysuru chapter at Hotel Radisson Blu here on Tuesday, December 18, he said, “Today we are in an era of globalisation and liberalisation polices. Because of this all the industries are facing tough competition in domestic and international markets. To overcome this competition and sustain in fast growing competitive markets, we have to improve the quality in goods and services, competitive pricing, etc."

“The Government of Karnataka launching nine industrial clusters in different districts across the state. Out of that Mysuru is getting ICB and PCB shortly. Already the work on the proposed clusters has started and there will be nearly Rs 5000 Crore investment which will fetch nearly one lakh job opportunities from various electronics based industries. As part of the project, 10 to 15 large scale electronics allied industries and more than 1000 allied industries are expected to be set up. Already nodal experts are working on the project and in another four years' time, the cluster will be a reality. On December 20, three leading companies will be visiting Mysuru and each one is expected to invest Rs 1000 Crore”, added Lingaraju.

N Muthukumar, Chairman, CII, Karnataka, said, “Those companies which are adopting latest technologies with better people management and innovative mindset will be in the forefront. The companies which are on top have followed successful value systems. We can buy anything but getting skilled set of manpower is the greatest challenge which is why most of the companies are losing 10 to 15 percent production.”

Arjun Ranga, Chairman, CII, Mysuru, said “Everybody can have a plan but the ability to execute it precisely, is the key to progress. We talk about Germany which is known for precision engineering technology, America which is known for innovation, China for mass production, Japan for quality and when we talk about India, globally there are many advantages and the flexibility and ability to think innovatively is India’s strength.”

Kamal Bali, Past Chairman CII and Managing Director of Volvo Group India, said, “If India has to become a superpower manufacturer, it has to take the centrestage in our mindset. When it comes to industry and manufacturing, India’s position is not satisfactory. With 16 to 17 percentage of share in global population, our share in manufacturing is just 2 to 3 percent while China accounts for 24 percent of global manufacturing. One thing that is important is gender equality, if India has to become superpower. We cannot ignore 50 percent of our population. Just 27 percent of women are in the mainstream. We need to correct this. He also mentioned that there should be a big change in HR which is the biggest problem and obstacle for organsiation."

Participants from various industries took part in the daylong conference.