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Mysuru city witnesses influx of tourists this winter

Mysuru city witnesses influx of tourists this winter

U K   ¦    Dec 24, 2018 08:25:01 PM (IST)

Mysuru city witnesses influx of tourists this winter-1Mysuru: When compare to last year, the tourist inflow to Mysuru has shot up drastically. As per sources, almost 95 percent of rooms at various lodges across city have been booked till January 3. Those who used to visit Madikeri and Wayanad have now turned to Mysuru due to the recent floods that batter Kodagu and Kerala. The hotel are making the best out of this influx of tourists.

Speaking to Newskarnataka Narayanagowda, President, Hotels and Restaurant Association, Mysuru said “Last year during this time, the occupancy was nearly 70 to 80 percent but this year it’s almost more than 95 percent. Till January 3, most of the rooms in 280 hotels with overall capacity of 8000 rooms across the city are booked. In 8000 rooms, at an average if there are three people in each room, there will be more than 24,000 people just staying in various hotels apart from people who are staying in their relatives and friends houses”.

Tourists especially from neighboring states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa and even from Maharashtra are more in number. Due to more tourists, public had to experience inconvenience due to traffic jams as more number of vehicles have been plying on the roads leading to various tourists spots. The tourists are not only visiting Mysore Palace and Mysore zoo but also other prominent tourist’s spots which includes Chamundi Hill, Karanji Lake, KRS and Birds sanctuary.