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Medicos ready to work in rural areas, but only with better facilities

Medicos ready to work in rural areas, but only with better facilities

U K   ¦    Mar 20, 2017 01:15:32 PM (IST)

Mysuru: Rural deputation for doctors has been a major point of discussion so far. However, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research Director Dr C N Manjunath said that most of the doctors including the young graduates are ready to work in rural areas but they want government to create conducive atmosphere and improve the facilities available in the rural pockets.

Medicos ready to work in rural areas, but only with better facilities   -1"The government should create good atmosphere especially in semi urban and rural areas where the doctors who are working are having threat from the local people. The doctors are afraid and even scared to work in rural places. In most of the medical colleges, every year, 50 to 60 percent of pass outs are women and keeping this in mind we have to provide protection and ensure their safety. Doctor’s responsibility is to give timely treatment but today doctors are being assaulted without any fault of their's. Even the local representatives are targeting the doctors. If such incidents keeping occurring, the day may come where doctors may refuse to take up any emergency cases," he said adding that instead of coming out with more medical colleges, the government must focus on upgrading the facilities at the existing ones.

"In south India we have more than required number of medical colleges. Instead of coming out with more medical colleges we should start improving facilities at the hospitals and strengthen basic service at Intensive Care Units, appointment of more doctors, nurses, technical experts and other required staffs” added Dr Manjunath.

Dr Bhavika Vajawat, who emerged as topper in ENT and Pediatrics during graduation day of MMC and RI said “I think rural health is very important and we all should go for rural service provided the facilities in the rural area and the pay are improved. Government has sufficient funds to provide the same”.

Dr HR Bharath, topper in medicine said “No one is reluctant to work in rural areas. The problem is that rural health centres lacks facilities that can support our work. In rural places even basic investigation and infrastructure are not available, putting more pressure on territory hospitals. The burden at territory hospitals can also minimized if government upgrades the existing facility at rural health centres." Dr S Abhishek, topper in Anatomy endorsed the views of the two.