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Man murdered, private parts mutilated

Man murdered, private parts mutilated

L K   ¦    Feb 09, 2018 04:59:31 PM (IST)

Man murdered, private parts mutilated-1Hunsur: Miscreants killed a 45-year-old man using lethal weapons and fled after mutilating his private parts on February 8 while he was returning home.

Mahesh alias Bellulli Mahesh is the deceased.

Mahesh had married Lakshmi and divorced her after agreeing to pay the alimony. However, he failed to fulfill the terms of divorce and was subsequently jailed. Meanwhile, his paramour Ratna helped him get bail and Mahesh came out of prison a week ago after serving 5 month jail term.

Miscreants waiting for an opportunity in the cover of darkness hacked him to death on Thursday night. After few people found him lying in the pool of blood, police were called in.

A case has been registered and further investigation is on.