Hassan cops nab Tanzanian student-cum-ATM thief

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Hassan cops nab Tanzanian student-cum-ATM thief

Hassan cops nab Tanzanian student-cum-ATM thief

Special Correspondent(MY)   ¦    Jan 29, 2019 05:04:09 PM (IST)

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Mysuru: In a classic case of cyber theft, a student from Tanzania has managed to use a card reader and camera to hack the debit/credit card details.

Andrew Ronard Sanga from Tanzania has confessed to stealing money from most of the ATMs in Mysuru and as a proof, the CCTV footage are now available demonstrating his ‘skills.’

Hassan cops nab Tanzanian student-cum-ATM thief-2Andrew Ronard Sanga

It is also known that he has used card readers and cameras in Canara Bank ATMs of Hassan, and has hacked the information of debit/credit cards.

However, the Hassan police have successfully captured this ‘skillful’ student.

In a detailed interrogation by the police, Andrew has accepted his crime.

According to the police source, yesterday night i.e., on Monday, January 28 night, he had entered an ATM in Hassan and placed the card reader and camera.

Meanwhile, a withdrawer had entered the ATM to withdraw during which it was observed that the ATM pin number and other details were recorded in the instruments placed.

He used this pin number to withdraw money from different accounts.

The police have also confirmed that he used to watch YouTube videos on such tricks.

Andrew had come to Mysuru in the year 2014 for education and was studying in one of the private colleges in the city.

The investigation has also revealed that Andrew did all this to lead a luxurious life and to make easy money to meet the girls.