H1N1 cases go down drastically in Mysuru this year

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H1N1 cases go down drastically in Mysuru this year

H1N1 cases go down drastically in Mysuru this year

U K   ¦    Nov 01, 2018 03:45:26 PM (IST)

H1N1 cases go down drastically in Mysuru this year-1

Mysuru: The number of H1N1 positive cases has come down drastically in Mysuru district when compared to last year. Last year during this time there were 255 positive cases while this year the number is just 27.

Last year, from January to December, among the 930 samples collected, the total number of positive H1N1 cases were 255. During the last two months of 2017, not a single case was reported. This year that is from January to October 31, among the 435 samples from across the district, only 27 were found to be positive.

Speaking to Newskarnataka, Dr Kusuma, District Surveillance Officer, said “To reach out to the people, we are conducting various awareness programmes. As part of this programme, we distribute pamphlets to the people which contain information about the dos and don’ts to prevent H1N1 disease. Through Anganawadis and various supporting staffs, we are also doing door to door surveillance and creating awareness by distributing pamphlets. Those who are having cough, cold and fever should report to the nearby hospitals or health centres for further checkup. The virus spreads when one touches an infected surface or breathe cough and sneeze droplets in the air. At each taluk, we have also conducted Jathas. Even during intervals in cinema halls we are creating awareness.”

Throat swabs of suspected cases are sent to VRDL, MMC, Mysuru/ MCVR, Manipal and results are provided free of cost from District Surveillance Unit (DSU). “The required stocks of Tamilflu drugs are made available at all the taluk and district government hospitals. Apart from this, as a precautionary measure, we have also booked beds for H1N1 cases at government and private hospitals in the district. H1N1 posters and pamphlets have also been circulated for awareness purpose”, added Dr Kusuma.

Symptoms of H1N1: Fever, severe cough, cold and throat irritation, vomiting and diarrhoea, breathlessness and body pain. Seek early medical treatment in the hospitals, if you the develop above symptoms.

Dos and Don'ts

-Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue while coughing and sneezing

-Regularly wash hands with soap and water

-Dispose off used tissue properly, immediately after use

-If you have flu-like symptoms, seek medical advice immediately


-If you have Flu-like symptoms, confine yourself at home.

-Avoid crowded places.

-Avoid hugging, kissing and shaking hands while greeting.

-Don’t touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.